Revolution Student Ministry exists to partner with families and engage teenagers to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Using the model of Reach Grow Serve our student ministry seeks to accomplish this through fostering Relationships with God and one another (REACH), discovering Discipleship practices (GROW), and providing Leadership Training (SERVE).   

SUNDAYS, 4:00 pm, Long's Chapel Facebook & Instagram Live

Join us for special guest appearances, games, fun and a time of devotion together! Tune in via Long's Chapel Facebook page or our Instagram at @LongsChapelStudents

WEDNESDAYS, 6:20 - 7:30 pm, Life Groups

Life Groups meet Wednesdays (Underground doors open at 6:00 pm).  We offer 6 Life Groups for our middle and high school youth.  Life Groups go beyond just learning. Groups bond together when individuals are able to be vulnerable, honest, and open about their faith, life, and ideas. The life group teachers know and understand this concept and seek to provide a safe and fruitful environment for any student in the class. Each group is curriculum driven and is subject to change within each semester. Adult leaders meet with Youth leaders to discuss curriculum possibilities. Bring a mask! 

Revolution Students Core Values

Our ministry seeks to foster relationship with the Trinity and with each other. We believe God is relationship (3 in 1) and desires relationship with us and creation and for there to be healthy relationships between one another and with creation. God created us as unique individuals but desires for us to live and GROW in community. Our ministry asks questions like, “how can we SERVE God and one another together?” Using our unique God-given talents and abilities, how can we build healthy relationships within our church and within our community?


We want to inspire and develop spiritual and emotional growth based on biblical teachings that invite teenagers to follow God. We believe that Jesus is the ultimate model of discipleship and we seek to become more Christ-like in order to reflect the Kingdom of God on earth through the power of the Holy Spirit. We seek to understand what it means to look like the church that Christ is calling us to become (GROW) in order to REACH those outside of a relationship with Christ. In light of what it means to follow Jesus we want to ask teens, “What does it mean to be merciful?” “What does it mean to seek justice?” “What does it mean to have compassion for others?” “What does it mean to stand in solidarity with the weak, suffering, hopeless, etc.?”


Revolution Students seeks to educate and train teenagers on becoming effective leaders within and without the church. We desire to create an awareness of issues and needs inside and outside of the church and how to innovatively approach these areas. We want to provoke teenagers to think critically about how to address the needs of the church and community.  We want to help our teenagers to discover and implement their God given gifts and talents so that they will be equipped to SERVE others in the name of Jesus.   Our ministry asks, “How are teenagers becoming effective leaders in the church now and for the future?”

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