Will you Be Renewed?

Starts October 25​

  1. Be Renewed and take HEART

  2. Be Renewed in your THINKING

  3. Be Renewed with a STEADFAST SPIRIT

  4. Be Renewed in your STRENGTH powered by HOPE

  5. Be Renewed in God’s PROMISES

Living graciously and generously in God's grace is proportionate to the health of an individual’s relationship with God. We are still living in the turmoil of our world being turned upside down due to this COVID-19 crisis. "Be Renewed" is meant to be a catalyst to help us move forward by connecting to our purpose and the mission of Long's Chapel, sharing God's love in this community for such a time as this. 
Each of these sermons is a building block in helping us heal and step into the John 10:10 life that Christ wants us to live. Not as those who would be reticent in life, but people who are renewed and “take HEART”…who are renewed in “our THINKING”…who are renewed with “a STEADFAST SPIRIT”…and who are renewed “in our STRENGTH Powered by HOPE”. As we lock these things in place, we will be ready to respond in how God wants us to Reach, Grow, and Serve


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