Being Kind to Yourself

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Have you ever had the conviction to practice what you preach? Perhaps you told your children to be kind to others, or maybe you shared one of the most effortless pieces of advice by telling a friend or loved one to care for themselves. I had the opportunity recently to heed the conviction of the Holy Spirit to care for myself before I attempted to care for others. That conviction was strong because just days prior I had preached on the importance of self-care and its relation to trusting in God. It was not easy to quieten the hectic voice inside of my head that told me that I did not have time for indulgent self-care. But as I took the 60 minutes out of my day to fill my spiritual cup so that I might give myself in service to others and Gods will, I was reminded of the importance of this practice.

Why is it so difficult to care for ourselves? What is it about our spiritual culture that makes us think that we must continually tend to the needs of others to the point of burnout? When we remember Jesus’ ministry, we know that He poured himself out for the healing of others; what I also believe we tend to leave out are the times that He would steal away to a quiet mountaintop to dwell in the presence of God and listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I believe we have been invited into the activity of the Holy Spirit to participate in the Kingdom of God, not for burnout and exhaustion, but LIFE and LIFE ABUNDANT. As Scripture reflects in John 10:10, we are meant to live out our days in the presence of God experiencing joy, abundance of spirit, wellness, and a passion for life.

So, what does that fullness of life mean for you? Does it mean a hike in our beautiful mountains? Does it mean a day out on the river with a fishing pole? Is it a day away with your family? Remember that amid a hectic world, God is calling us to take care of ourselves so that we may have the fullness of spirit to care for others.

Your Friend,

Pastor Tom Owens

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