Lessons from the Garden

So, I wouldn’t exactly call the Westmorelands expert gardeners or farmers, but we have had a really good year for crops. Our first garden year was successful and is still producing lots of bounty which has translated into spaghetti sauce, BLT’s, salsa etc. It’s been amazing to watch seeds planted in the ground grow up.

Some spiritual lessons for the taking are:

1. Believe it or not, what you sow is what you reap. It sounds so simple. And sometimes we get things we didn’t plant (birds have a way of transplanting seeds, believe it or not). BUT when you plant a tomato, then a tomato plant is what comes up. Be careful what you plant - because it will grow. If we leave anger or frustration or discontent in the ground, it will grow, and we may not like the crop it produces. Be careful what you plant in your garden and what you let other people plant. It matters.

2. Miracle Grow is a miracle. Here’s the way I like to think about it - Miracle Grow won’t make a crop come out of nothing. But it will enhance the growing process and allow a seed to become all it was meant to be. Hence the term, “miracle”. Very often in the Gospels, Jesus doesn’t make something from nothing - He makes much from little. Five loaves and two fish feed thousands. Jugs of water turned into jars of wine. A mustard seed of faith can move mountains. God works with what God has, to make much from little. God does this with us and invites us to be Miracle Grow to the things and people around us. Miracle Grow activates growth. God’s Spirit is longing to activate growth in and through us. Let God grow a miracle through you today.

3. Water, water, water. There is nothing sadder than a plant that is drought-stricken. Bright green in parts and brown on others. A lack of water will cause a plant to die. A plant must have replenishment and nourishment. So do we - we need living water. We can survive a spiritual drought for a season, but we cannot thrive without an abundance of living water that feeds us from the roots to the tips of our being. Scripture. Prayer. Serving God. These are ways God fills our cup.

4. We can encourage growth, but we can’t make anything grow. God is the provider. God makes the seed and the nutrients and invented this way of living where we could regularly be reminded of our dependence upon God. God sustains our life, and gratitude is an appropriate response.

Grateful for dirt on my hands and fruit and veggies in the pot. Until more lessons - I hope to see you Sunday for a new series called, “One Liners”.

Chris Westmoreland

Lead Pastor

Long’s Chapel

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