First Fruits Ministry - same mission, different direction

Over the past six years our First Fruits Ministry has provided tens of thousands of snacks to hundreds of students at Pisgah and Tuscola High Schools. It has blessed students as well as our many volunteers who have spent countless hours in all kinds of weather to give love to the young people of our county. As we begin a new year, God has impressed upon our team to re-direct our mission from weekly snacks to daily lunches. Our county school lunch officials have informed us of the need for funding to students who do not have the financial means to get second helpings of lunch items, or maybe their food account has been used up. This includes all students, full pay, reduced, and free. At both high schools there is an average of 38% to 40% of the students who receive reduced or free lunches. Even with this, many students’ accounts are used up due to extra servings made available to them. Many are still hungry after their meal and would benefit from additional food. The lunchroom workers are paying out of their pockets for our students to have a full stomach.

We hope that those of our church family who presently contribute, as well as additional donors will continue to support this very important ministry. All financial donations will be collected by the church and sent directly to The Haywood County Schools Foundation who will administer and disperse the funds as needed to each school upon request. These additional funds will pay for entrees and not for snacks and soft drinks. The funds will be earmarked specifically for this need by each cafeteria. Long’s Chapel will work with the School Foundation to account for all funding that is spent.

Please consider directing your prayers and financial support toward this important ministry.

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