Find Beauty

Man, oh man. Anyone else on media overload from election coverage to pandemic updates to the latest Supreme Court news, etc.? It does not take much to become over-saturated these days. Please don't misunderstand - I think being informed is critically important. But sometimes we get so caught up in what is going on in national and world news that we forget to live our lives, right where we are. And that doesn't serve anyone.

When I get "over crispy" with news, I get agitated and angry and frustrated and feel a bit helpless and powerless. Sometimes that anger needs to be channeled into prayer and reflection or even activism of some kind. And yet, all too often, we lose perspective that God is good, and God's creation is good underneath it all.

I heard a powerful quote this week: “Live the life you have rather than resenting the life you don't.” It means to be present to the moment. And find God's blessing in it.

The person you like the least is still created in the image of our Father. So be involved. Pray. And in it all, don't forget whose you are.

Let's start something - let's change our perspective and find the beauty that God has left us to see. The bad things in the world do NOT stop the goodness of God. We should cling more to God's goodness the more frustrated or anxious we feel.

So... I dare you. Let's find beauty.

Beautiful [ byoo-tuh-fuhl ] adjective: having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind

Where do you see beauty beyond the chaos? Beyond skin-deep beauty that is so subjective in this world? Where do you see real beauty? An act of kindness. Of exceptional service. A glimpse of God's glory in nature or creation. Indeed, feel free to start your beauty journal, but would you share your pictures and thoughts so others could enjoy? Either send them to us via email to or post on social media with #FindBeautyLC. Be sure to tag us in the photos!

Share the experiment with friends. I dare you to stare true God-given beauty in the face and not be changed.

Chris Westmoreland

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