With the Psalms series currently on Sundays, I have talked about roots a lot. Psalm 1 reminds us that God has planted us like trees by a stream of water. God is paying attention to our roots. This week at Longs Chapel, in our campus expansion effort, he hit tree roots. We haven’t had much rock, we have had a time with underground spring water, and now we hit some underground tree roots on the expansion footprint that are seriously impressive. Yesterday I saw two heavy machines and ten grown men trying to address the massive roots that were under the ground where they wanted to lay plumbing pipes. Massive unseen roots surrounding our church building that had to be attended to. And I had a few thoughts:

  1. How many people have Longs Chapel touched and blessed over the years where we added to their spiritual root system? An advantage of being a church with a long history is to think about the lives that have been touched through the ministry. Rev. Long started this church years ago to serve the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of this community. He had a vision that Long's Chapel would be a safe place for people to explore taking steps with Jesus. That is what has guided our past. Our roots are deep, and one thing we learn is that a tree can have root growth below the ground that equals branch growth above the ground. Our roots for this community are broad, thick, and deep. Our future will be as grounded in that mission as our past. Because everybody matters to God, but not everyone knows it yet.

  2. What are your roots today? What is nourishing you and feeding you? Is it:

  • Scripture study

  • Worship

  • Prayer

  • Holy friendship

  • The faith of those that have gone before us

  • The laughter of children

  • Holy Communion

  • Small group connections

  • Service and mission work

What else is feeding you spiritually and helping you ask the broader questions of life? Where do you need to GROW more in your faith so that you can continue to be made into the likeliness of Jesus?

This week reminds me that roots are all around us - how healthy are yours, and what are you going to do about it?

Chris Westmoreland

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