Connection Points

When contemplating what to write to my church family through this letter, a seemingly random set of words entered into my heart from the Spirit… connection points. 

Why connection points?!

At first, I thought it was a mistake and that the phrase just popped into my mind randomly. As I meditated on these two words, the more profound I realized the message was that God had given me. Acts 17 verse 27 reads, “God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.” It is part of our human nature to find connection. As I began to think about those whom I’m connected with, I thought about a weekday ritual that I engage in at least twice throughout the week. On my commute into Haywood County, I will often call one of my two closest friends. We typically commute around the same time and know that we can use those precious minutes in our day to connect. Most of the time our conversations are simply check-ins. We tell one another about our lives, our families, our jobs, and what our immediate future plans are. There are times that we even scheme ways to come together and see one another for a weekend. This connection is important. It keeps us close. It lets us know about each other’s lives, and it nurtures our friendship.

What connection points do you have?

How are you connecting to the community? Is it through service? Perhaps a local leadership position in the schools or public services?

How are you connecting to your church? Is it through a volunteer or fellowship opportunity?

How are you connecting to your family? Is it a designated meal or a specific night of the week that is set aside for connecting and sharing?

How are you connecting to yourself? Are you taking time in your day to be still, meditate, and think about how it is with your soul?

And perhaps most importantly, how are you connecting with God? 

All of these connection points are unique and also intimately intertwined. When we connect with others and the world around us, we are creating a temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in. Practice connection, friends. It will bless you beyond your imagination. 

Your pastor and friend,

Tom Henderson Owens

Rev. Tom Owens

Executive Pastor of Ministries

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