A Word of Encouragement

What's the best concert you ever saw? For those that like live music and have felt blessed to hear different artists, that's a fun question to think about this Monday. For me, one of the best was Bruno Mars. That guy can put on a show. Wow. I still get excited thinking about nearly four straight hours of playing and dancing that he and his crew did. The guy had mad skills.

Did you know that it took Bruno Mars an entire year to collaborate on "Uptown Funk," and it was in the trash can ten times during that time—but he kept going. Then it became a massive global hit. In his words, it's "the biggest song I've ever been a part of." His whole life is the testimony of what happens when you respond to adversity with grit. He grew up poor. At one point in his journey, his family was homeless and resorted to sleeping in a car. Then they moved into a one-bedroom house with no electricity or bathroom. But that didn't stop him from pouring himself into his music. When he moved from his native Hawaii to Los Angeles, he scored a deal with Motown Records but was subsequently dropped. Unfazed, he continued to plug away. He was the quintessential starving artist and believed in a bigger calling all the time.

Please know that God is calling you to find your MORE today. Lots of things will get in the way. Past failures and struggles. Past sins and voices in your head that way you can't!!!! Ghosts will haunt you and tell you lies. But nothing can stop Gods dream inside of you except . . . You.

Remember this: God isn't scared of what you're scared of. But you don't have to pretend like you're not frightened. Naming your fear is part of getting through it. It's also important to remember that Immanuel means "God with us." Jesus is with you. You are never alone.

As Levi Lusko says in Take Back Your Life, "You're chosen. You're loved. You're called. You're equipped. You're meant to show life to people who are hurting. You're meant to encourage those who are weary and give the bread of life to those who are hungry. You are meant to pioneer and create and lead and design and invent and sing and dance and write. You will fall and get back up again and learn from your mistakes and grow wise and strong and brave. When your time here on earth is done, you are meant to leave a legacy that will ring out through the ages and touch thousands into eternity."

Know that you are cared about, loved, and being prayed for today!!!

Pastor Chris

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