During a time of social distancing, join us online for worship!
Worship is our first priority at Long’s Chapel because worship honors God and his teachings as found in the Scriptures. What we experience in worship guides us in our everyday lives. At Long’s Chapel, we believe in different styles of worship and music, thus we have a variety of opportunities in which you may participate. Join us online every Sunday for worship! 
Our Live Streamed Services Include: 
Contemporary Praise - 9:00 am 
Modern Worship - 10:10 am 
Traditional Worship - 11:11 am 
How to connect with us online: 
  1. YouTube! This is our favorite choice as we have noticed quality is the BEST! You can subscribe to our channel to receive notifications when we go live. Simply go to YouTube and search for “Long’s Chapel”.

  2. Facebook! Search for “Long’s Chapel” on your page. Be sure you “like” and “follow” our Facebook page. If you follow our page, you will receive notifications when we go live. Visit our Facebook!

  3. Directly from our website! Click on “Sermons” in our main menu to go directly to our live streaming service called BOXCAST.

  4. From your Smart TV, Apple Device or Amazon Fire! Search for the “BOXCAST” app – it’s a free download! Once downloaded search for “Long’s Chapel” in channels. (Pro tip: add the Long’s Chapel channel to your favorites on the BOXCAST app for quick access.)

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